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Each appliance in and around your home is likely quite dear to you. We form connections with these devices because they make our lives a whole lot easier. Without your stove or oven, you would have to cook over an open flame every day. Without your refrigerator, you would have to salt your meat and keep fresh vegetables in your garden. Without your washer and dryer, you would have to hand wash and hang your clothes. Without a dishwasher, your dishes (and you and your family by extension) would be exposed to nasty germs and bacteria which could cause serious illness. Simply put, our appliances allow us to stay on top of the many challenges we face in the day – we need them! That is why we take special care when we work on your appliances; because we know how important they are to you! Below is the full list of appliances that we work on and can assist you with repairs.

If you have any questions regarding the services that we offer, we would love to answer them! Simply call the number at the top of this page to get in touch with an expert appliance repairman in the Salt Lake Metropolitan area! If you would prefer, you can also leave a query with us on our Contact Us page – use either form of contact to request information, request a quotation or request to see our customer testimonials.

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