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Anyone who has experienced a broken or damaged washing machine will understand how inconvenient this can be. Whether you have a large family or a small one, a broken washing machine can be a huge frustration. A washing machine is not a cheap appliance, so replacing it may not always be possible. Without one, you may have to resort to hand washing which can take up a lot of time and physical effort to do Fix and Save | West Jordan has a team of highly experienced technicians who are available to ensure that when your washing machine breaks it can be repaired as quickly as possible at the most affordable pricing.

Common washing machine problem

A laundry room is more than just a place where you go to complete your washing, today’s laundry space is often the center of every home where bedding, clothes, and many other items used daily are cleaned and dried. While it is unfortunate, there will almost certainly come a time when your washing machine will need a repair. The most common problems a washing machinecan face include, not filling with water, without water it is not able to successfully wash your clothing and linen. This can happen for a variety of reasons. On the other end of the spectrum, the washing machine may not be able to drain the water, this can be due to issues with the water inlet valve.

Leaking water

When a washing machine becomes damaged it may cause the appliance to retain water, this water can then begin to leak. Water leaking from your washing machine is not only bad news for the washer itself, but it can cause damage to the surrounding appliances. When the water leaks it may pool around other electronics within the laundry room as well as sit on the flooring of your home which can also cause damage to the flooring. Issues such as mold can be because by prolonged water leaking. When this happens, it is vital to call a professional to ensure the machine is repaired to stop any further damage.

Over vibrating washing machine

It is not uncommon for washers to vibrate when they are turned on, this can happen especially when the washing machine is in its spin cycle. However, if you find your washer is vibrating excessively there could be a bigger problem. A washing machine that over vibrates can be because of a variety of issues ranging from small to large. Your washer may vibrate if it is unbalanced which can be because of putting loads that are too heavy for the machine.

Superior service

Our team of experts prides itself on providing top-quality service at affordable pricing. Our team of technicians is trained continuously and equipped with all the necessary tools to repair any appliance big or small. F&S Appliance Repair offers world-class service and convenience to ensure that we meet all your needs with urgency to limit the amount of downtime you have. Contact us to find out more about the services we have to offer!


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