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Whether you are here to find out more about the signs of a faulty stove or range or you are simply here to find out what the difference between a stove and range is, you have come to the right place! We have provided extensive detail below. Continue reading to learn more or skip the read and give us a call to chat with one of our appliance repair experts.

What is a range?

A range, which can otherwise be known as a stove, is a classic cooking appliance that almost all homes are equipped with, and no home can go without. A kitchen range combines an oven which can be used for baking or roasting within a closed space and a stovetop which is most used for boiling and searing on an open surface. A range can make use of both an electrical fuel or even gas fuel and sometimes even both depending on the appliance that you have.

Is a stove the same as a range?

Some people may use the terms range, stove, and even oven interchangeably, while this may confuse some people these three things are not the same thing. When it comes to kitchen appliances a stove or stovetop is usually an open and commonly flat surface that you can cook on. A range however is a standalone appliance that includes both. A range combines both an oven as well as a stovetop. It is, for this reason, it is so common in homes as it provides both services combined into one appliance. All stoves or ranges have an oven with them; however, ovens are also available as a stand-alone appliance.

Signs of a faulty stove or range

There are various kinds of stovetops, from gas to electric and plate to glass. While some signs of age or breakage are prevalent in specific types of stoves, there are many that can occur in all kinds of stovetops. For the sake of ease, we will go over the top signs without relating them to a specific stovetop type. If your food cooks unevenly, your stovetop may need replacement. If you note any rust, smoke, or burning smells, your stove may also require repairs. Escaping gas and cracked glass can also be an indication of a faulty stove. A range will demonstrate many of the same symptoms if it requires repairs, but may also present issues, such as undercooked or burned food coming from the built-in oven.

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