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Crazy Stories from F & S Appliance Repair Men

If you think your job is crazy, wait until you hear what garbage disposal repair men have to say. We talked to our F & S garbage disposal repair man and he shared some of the craziest stories from his line of work.

Joe, Garbage Disposal Repair Man

Meet Joe, the garbage disposal repair man. For starters, he's had to deal with some pretty gross things. He's seen everything from moldy food to half-eaten fish come out of people's garbage disposals. And once, he even had to remove a dead rat from a disposal! But despite the icky factor, Joe loves his job. He's always been a handyman, and he enjoys helping people keep their homes running smoothly. Plus, he's developed a thick skin when it comes to dealing with grossness. So the next time your garbage disposal starts making strange noises, give Joe a call. He's always happy to help...even if it means getting his hands dirty!

Sam, Washing Machine Repair Man

As a washing machine repair man, I've seen it all. The craziest thing I ever saw was a woman who tried to wash her cat in the machine. She claimed she only wanted to give it a bath, but the poor thing was soaked and terrified when I got there.

Another time, I had to go to a house where a woman had been trying to wash her dog. Poor pup was sopping wet and terrified, too. She said she'd been trying to get the dirt off him, but I'm not sure how well that worked out.

I swear, people will try to put anything in those machines!

Billy, Refrigerator Repair Man

As a refrigerator repair man, I've seen it all. I've been called to fix refrigerators with broken bones sticking out of them, ones with live chickens inside, and even one with a dead body. But by far, the craziest story I've ever heard was from when I was called to fix a refrigerator in a mental hospital.

Apparently, one of the patients had been using the fridge to store their own blood. And not just a little bit - they'd been filling up gallon jugs with their own blood! When the nurses found out, they were understandably horrified. They had no idea what to do with all that blood, so they called me in to take a look.

So, the next time your washing machine or refrigerator goes on the fritz, don't despair. You know have three friendly neighborhood repair men to call on- and each of them is guaranteed to be cheaper (and funnier) than a trip to the ER. Give us a call today for a free estimate!

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